Heart Torn Keepsakes are unique custom-made mementoes that are created from clothing of your loved one.
Heart Torn Keepsakes is a small business established in 2013 by myself, Anita. I have a background in the clothing industry and I am an experienced seamstress. Heart Torn was created to make Teddy Bears and other unique keepsakes from loved ones clothing to commemorate and event or celebration.
My aim is to provide a reasonably priced keepsake that is unique, and handcrafted. It could be a bear, cushion or perhaps something specific to you. We can discuss your specific needs and agree a price prior to proceeding with any work.
Please be aware that we make the keepsake from the clothing or material that you provide, we don’t just make clothes for a pre-made bear. Each and every bear is a custom made exclusive and individual.


Please note it is important to note that Heart Torn Keepsake Bears are not toys, as they are for commemorative and decorative purposes only. The bears cannot be CE approved due to the mixture of fabrics used, as supplied by you. They should not be given to young children as toys.
If you would like more information about our bears, cushions or other possibilities, please contact us using the contact details on my website page or by sending a message from our ‘contact us’ page.